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BadiJum Dual-Mode Sensor Review – Touchless Kitchen Faucet

Touchless faucets are designed to make everyone’s kitchen routine easier. They have a reliable gesture detection sensor, navigable spray head, and a 360° swiveling spout. With a touchless faucet, you can transform the nature of your daily tedious tasks and get everything done faster.

Touchless kitchen sink faucets also cuts down on water wastage by providing a precise flow while also getting rid of germs and bacteria. The badiJum Touchless Kitchen Faucet is one of those faucets which are quite sturdy and reliable. This faucet also has a design that suits almost every kitchen interior.

Here is what we think makes the badiJum Touchless Faucet worth a try.


badiJum Two Sensor One Handle High Arc Touchless Kitchen Faucet

  1. Smart Spray Head Function

    This faucet by badiJum has a smart spray head with convenient water flow. The spray head automatically releases water when you remove it from its housing. It also supports two different spray patterns to cater to different purposes.

    The regular streamlined flow is suited for daily washing and cleaning. For a more powerful force, you can activate the aerated spray. This function covers a wide range of tasks, from scrubbing stains to washing countertops.

  2. Eco-Friendly

    The product is manufactured in an eco-friendly manner. It is made of lead-free zinc alloy that keeps water quality up-to-the-mark. The spray head uses Swiss Neoperl Aerator to cut down on the consumption of water without affecting your tasks.

    It combines air and water to give a gentle yet forceful flow that scrubs away stubborn spots. This is also useful in reaching difficult parts of your kitchen with a lot of ease. The jet of water is highly concentrated and doesn’t make a mess everywhere.

  3. Motion Sensor

    The motion sensor technology of the device gives you a whole new experience in the kitchen. Just wave your hand in front of the faucet within a range of 6 cm to activate the faucet. This way, you don’t have to touch the lever or sprout with your dirty hands. The faucet also switches off after three minutes of inactivity to prevent wasting water.

  4. Easy Installation

    One feature that makes this faucet customer-friendly is that it has a simple installation process. The user guide is detailed and helpful, even for people who know little about plumbing. The Control Box is small, with a wall-mount design to fit in small spaces without difficulty.

  5. Long-lasting

    This Touchless Faucet from badiJum is also manufactured to last you long. Its European Ceramic Cartridge ensures up to 500,000 times of use without affecting the performance or flow of water. A three-year free replacement warranty is also provided to help you with any problems that might arise during use.

  6. Optional Finish

    Besides having a beautiful design, the badiJum Faucet also has four different brushed nickel finishes. You can choose the one you prefer for your kitchen’s theme and interior.


badiJum Two-Sensor One Handle Kitchen Faucet Review

  1. Short Hose

    One slightly disappointing feature of this faucet is the length of its hose. The complete hose has a length of approximately 16 inches, which is lesser than the average length for most faucets. This gets problematic in large kitchens where people need more access and control.

    To cope with this issue, we suggest you rotate the sprout in whichever angle suits you the best. With its powerful and directed spray, the flow of water will reach farther without any splashes and help you clean wherever needed.

  2. No Batteries Included

    This touchless faucet uses motion sensors to detect gestures and release the flow of water. These sensors operate using batteries, which aren’t included in the set.

    However, the faucet isn’t too expensive, so purchasing the batteries isn’t a substantial added cost. Once purchased, they will last you a whole year or two without compromising on the performance.


To conclude our final thoughts regarding the badiJum Touchless Kitchen Faucet, we can say that it’s worth the investment. The product has a design that suits both contemporary, bold themes as well as minimalist and mute interiors.

This faucet is suitable for both domestic and professional kitchens and gives a good performance under all circumstances. The technologies applied in manufacturing this faucet also cuts down on the use of water.