6 Best Pull Down Kitchen Faucets – (Reviews & Ultimate Guide 2020)

Is it time to renovate your kitchen, or you are moving into a new home and designing one? Either way, you will need a reliable faucet that you can use for a long time. If you find the best pull-down kitchen faucet, you will maximize both comfort and convenience while dish washing and using the fixture.

The pull-down technology takes the functionality of kitchen faucets to an entirely new level. Numerous manufacturers offer their models to customers, and it is not easy to pick one that meets your expectations.

We did the footwork for you and selected top-rated units in our pull-down kitchen faucet reviews. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, which is why you should go through our buying guide and learn more about this fixture. Our installation guide will tell you how to install a kitchen faucet so that you don’t have to spend extra money on calling a professional.

Kohler Artifacts Single Hole Kitchen Pull Down Faucet

Kohler K-99259-VS Artifacts Single-Hole Kitchen Sink Faucet

  • Price: $$$$
  • GPM: 1.8
  • Finish: Vibrant Stainless
  • Warranty: Lifetime Limited
  • Holes: 1
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Kraus Oletto Commercial Style Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Kraus KPF-2631SFS Oletto Kitchen Faucet

  • Price: $$$
  • GPM: 1.75
  • Finish: Stainless Steel
  • Warranty: Lifetime Limited
  • Holes: 1
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Moen Arbor One Handle Pull down Kitchen Faucet Featuring Power Boost

Moen 7594C Arbor One-Handle Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

  • Price: $$$
  • GPM: 1.5
  • Finish: Chrome
  • Warranty: Lifetime Limited
  • Holes: 1-3
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Delta Faucet Leland Single Handle Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer ShieldSpray Technology

Delta Faucet Leland Single-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet

  • Price: $$
  • GPM: 1.8
  • Finish: Arctic Stainless
  • Warranty: Lifetime Limited
  • Holes: 1-3
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APPASO Pull Down Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer Stainless Steel Brushed Nickel

APPASO Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

  • Price: $
  • GPM: 1.8
  • Finish: Brushed Nickel
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Holes: 1
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Arofa A01LY Pull Down Commercial Kitchen Faucet Single Hole

Arofa A01LY Kitchen Faucet Pull Down

  • Price: $
  • GPM: 2.2
  • Finish: Brushed Nickel
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Holes: 1-3
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Best Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Reviews (Editors’ Picks)

1. Kohler K-99259-VS Artifacts Single-Hole Kitchen Sink Faucet

Kohler Artifacts Single Hole Kitchen Pull Down FaucetThe Artifacts series designed by Kohler offers vintage-inspired faucets that can also fit modern kitchens. The product features a high-arch and a single handle, and it comes in a vibrant stainless finish for classic elegance.
The spray head utilizes magnetic docking technology to remain in place when unused. There is no risk of tangling, and it is easy to clean the spray head from any buildup that occurs due to water hardness.

You can choose between three spray modes – the classic stream mode is great for filling pots. BerrySoft Spray is great for preparing food, such as washing fruits and veggies, and SweepSpray serves well for dishwashing.

The spout has a generous reach and a 360-degree swivel for ultimate convenience and comfort. You can adjust the temperature effortlessly with the lever handle. The only downside is that the price tag is a bit high, but that’s why the manufacturer offers a lifetime limited warranty on the product.

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2. Kraus KPF-2631SFS Oletto Kitchen Faucet

Kraus Oletto Commercial Style Pull Down Kitchen FaucetHere is another faucet with an intriguing look inspired by industrial design. If you want your kitchen fixture to stand out, this unit might be the right choice. Kraus made a deck mount unit that requires a single hole for the installation process.

Apart from beautiful aesthetics, the manufacturer ensured to use high-quality components. The brass material and the stainless-steel finish are resistant to spots and stains, and it is easy to maintain a flawless look of your fixture.

The spout features a 360-degree swivel and a high arch. The length of the extended hose is 60 inches, and it has a 14” range. The rubber nozzles are easy to clean, and you can choose between powerful spray and aerated stream modes. The nozzle is a bit small, so you might need to practice using it if you have large hands.

With a 1.75GPM, the product is quite efficient and eco-friendly. You can control the temperature with the single handle provided. You will also receive a limited lifetime warranty.

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3. Moen 7594C Arbor One-Handle Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

Moen Arbor One Handle Pull down Kitchen Faucet Featuring Power BoostMoen is one of the most reputable brands in the kitchen fixture industry, and their Arbor pull-down faucet is worth considering. The product comes with many useful features, including two spray modes. Apart from the standard stream, you can also activate a powerful rinse if you need to wash large pots.

The hose length is impressive, with 68 inches giving you plenty of room to maneuver when dishwashing. Once you finish using it, the hose will return automatically to the initial position. The installation process is DIY-friendly, and you can install the unit yourself. Furthermore, you can choose between a single to three-hole design depending on your needs.

As for the looks, the product features a low-arch design with a single lever handle. The chrome finish is very durable and should maintain a spotless look for a long time. The manufacturer includes a limited lifetime warranty for the product.

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4. Delta Leland Single-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet

Delta Faucet Leland Single Handle Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer ShieldSpray TechnologyDelta Faucet Leland is a high-quality kitchen faucet with features that aim to maximize longevity and durability. The product is fairly easy to install, and you need to make one to three holes in your sink. The diamond seals do a great job of minimizing leak risk at crucial points.

The spray head comes with a magnetic docking system that returns it safely in the initial position. The hose is impressively long, and the spray head comes with a technology that minimizes splatters. You can choose between stream and spray modes. The spray holes are made of soft rubber, and it is easy to clean any build that appears.

The manufacturer backs the faucet with a lifetime limited warranty, and the arctic stainless-steel finish fits well with any décor. The single handle makes it easy to control the temperature, but you need a bit of effort to find a secure off position to prevent dripping.

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5. APPASO Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

APPASO Pull Down Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer Stainless Steel Brushed NickelThe first thing you notice about this kitchen faucet is its classy look that comes from the brushed nickel finish, high arch, and gooseneck design. The stainless-steel construction ensures optimal durability, and the manufacturer backs the product with a five-year limited warranty.

APPASO included an amazing feature for the spray head. Once you remove it from the position, you can pick between spray and stream modes. But if you put your hand on the top of the nozzle, you will pause the stream. That increases efficiency and minimizes the odds of splashing. It might be a necessary feature since a 2GPM water consumption might lead to surprisingly high pressure when operating.

The product features an ABS nozzle that is easy to clean, and the 20-inch hose offers plenty of room to maneuver. The installation is simple and shouldn’t take more than 20 to 30 minutes.

6. Arofa A01LY Kitchen Faucet Pull Down

Arofa A01LY Pull Down Commercial Kitchen Faucet Single HoleHere is a kitchen faucet perfect for those looking for affordable deals. Arofa used brass and stainless-steel and included a brushed nickel finish for added elegance. You can pick between one to three-hole installation, and you get a deck plate to hide any holes away from eyesight.

The spout offers three modes, including a powerful spray, aerated stream, and pause mode if you want to maximize efficiency and reduce splashes. The single handle is reliable, and you can easily adjust the water temperature with it.

It is worth noting that the product comes with a 360-degree swivel function for optimal maneuverability. Even if you are a newbie, you will quickly learn how to use this unit. The affordable price tag means that the components are not of the same quality as the one used for expensive models. However, the manufacturer supports the product with a five-year warranty.

What Is a Pull-Down Faucet?

A pull-down faucet comes with an extendable spout to increase convenience and ease when washing the dishes. The faucet features a gooseneck design, and the only way you can pull the spray head is down.
The spray head rests in its fixed place until you pull it. Once you pull it, you have a high level of maneuverability that enables you to reach even the trickiest corners of your sink.

Thanks to that, it will be much easier to clean the dishes thoroughly. Additionally, you can keep the sink and the kitchen clean and spotless. The odds of splatters occurring are minimal, which explains why the pull-down faucet is a favorite among the users.

Apart from the extendable spout, other features of pull-down units are similar to other faucets. In other words, you can pick your desired arch, finish, style, and other details.

best pull down kitchen faucet

Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet Buying Guide

A pull-down kitchen faucet is a useful fixture and beautiful addition to your home. But if you want to maximize functional and aesthetic value, you want to find a product that meets your needs.

Keep reading to learn more about crucial specifications of pull-down faucets, and learn how to narrow the choice during the purchasing process.

What Are the Most Important Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet Features?

Before we continue, here is an overview of the crucial features and specifications of a pull-down faucet.

  • Material – you want the entire faucet to be of high-quality materials as they affect durability and longevity.
  • Finish – it is more important to suit your aesthetic expectations, although finishes might also affect the overall longevity of the faucet.
  • Height – the height of the faucet might affect the convenience of using it.
  • Hose length – it directly influences the maneuverability and comfort of the user while dishwashing.
  • Mount – you can choose from a standard mount on the sink, or mount the faucet directly on the wall.
  • Valves – users can pick between compression, cartridge, ball, and disc valves. The valve’s task is to minimize leakage issues.
  • Handles – the number of handles and their style allows you to adjust water temperature and flow.
  • Accessories – you might choose to mount a side sprayer, soap dispenser, or other accessories on your faucet.

If you want to learn more about this fixture, make sure to check out our kitchen faucet buying guide for extensive coverage of all main features.

8 Questions to Ask When Buying a Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Are you wondering how to start discovering what you need from a pull-down faucet? In that case, check out these questions and start narrowing your choice.

factors to consider when choosing a pull down kitchen faucet

  1. Should You Go with a Single or Two-Handle Design?

    Let’s talk about controlling the water flow and temperature. Each faucet has a handle that you rotate to adjust these two settings. But did you notice that faucets come with one or two handles?

    A single-handle faucet is a frequent choice in kitchens. It is far more convenient to turn one handle than two of them. If you need water to be cold, you usually turn the handle to the left, and hot water requires turning it to the right. However, this largely depends on the design you select. When placing these fixtures, make sure there is enough room to turn the handle without hitting other items.

    Two-handle faucets give you more control over water temperature. While that is convenient in bathrooms, it might not be necessary for kitchens. Ultimately, however, the choice is yours. If you don’t mind turning two handles to ensure the temperature is optimal, go for it.

  2. How Do You Want Your Faucet to Look?

    It is time to talk about aesthetics. The primary things to consider when it comes to how your faucet looks are style and finish.

    First, consider the style of your kitchen and your home. Do you like vintage touches and traditional design? Or you prefer minimalism and plenty of space, which is a characteristic of modern styles?

    Traditional style requires a faucet with a classic design and elegance, and contemporary style is about finding a faucet that looks clean, simple, and neutral. Either way, you will easily find a faucet that suits a particular décor.

    • What Finishes Are Available?

      The next thing to consider is the color of your faucet, and you determine that by choosing a suitable finish. Apart from the aesthetics, the finish might affect the durability of the faucet.

      For example, chrome is the most durable option, and it ensures your fixture maintains a shiny appearance. You can also go for stainless-steel or bronze if you are a fan of industrial and classic design. On the other hand, matte black could be a fine choice for modern kitchens.

  3. Which Sink You Need to Choose for a Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet?

    We won’t meddle in your decision when it comes to the color or style of your sink. However, we should warn you that you should avoid shallow sinks if you plan to install a pull-down kitchen faucet.

    The reason is simple – you need space to maneuver an extendable spout. If the sink is shallow, it will be easy to get it close to the bottom, which can cause splatter. The point of the extendable spout is that there are no splashes, and that is the benefit you want to use.

    It is why you should make sure that your sink is of at least medium depth. If your primary concern is avoiding splashes and it fits your preference, you can also go with a very deep sink.

    pull down kitchen faucet buying guide

  4. How Many Holes Will You Need for the Installation?

    Each kitchen faucet requires you to make at least one hole in your sink. It is vital to note that a single hole is usually enough for faucets that have a single-handle design.

    If you go with two handles, you might also need two holes. Alternatively, even single-handle faucets might need more holes if you add side sprayer, soap dispenser, or other accessories.
    The manufacturers usually offer a choice between multiple options during the installation process. That is convenient because you can pick depending on your sink design.

    You should also consider using deck plates or escutcheons. They are a convenient component that can hide the holes so that they are not visible. That makes them an essential part of ensuring the aesthetics of your kitchen remain at the expected level.

  5. Do You Want a Wall-Mount Faucet?

    Apart from the classic faucets that you mount on sinks, you can also go for wall-mounted units. These can be beneficial for two reasons:

    • In compact kitchens, they might make appear like there is more space overall.
    • Cleaning the sink and the countertop might be more manageable as you will have more maneuverability.

    Wall-mount faucets might be pricier than the “standard” units, and you don’t have such a vast choice available. However, if you like this style, you shouldn’t have a problem to find a faucet that fits your expectations.

  6. What Is the Ideal Height of a Pull-Down Faucet?

    You have two choices in this department:

    • Low-arch – these faucets might be a better choice for pull-down units. Since you will probably be getting a deep sink as it is more compatible with pull-down faucets, low-arch will minimize the odds of splattering the kitchen when using the fixture.
    • High-arch – a faucet with a high arch might look aesthetically attractive, but since the distance to the sink is longer, it is more prone to splattering. However, since you can maneuver the pull-down faucet yourself, you can avoid this problem if the fixture is used properly.
  7. What Is Your Budget?

    Before you set your mind on a pull-down faucet, you should consider the budget for purchasing the fixture. Even the affordable units will cost around $50-$100. If you go with premium faucets, the price might go over $300. Whatever your budget is, you can find a fixture that provides plenty of bang for the buck.

  8. How Might the Warranty Affect Product Quality?

    It is always nice to see that the manufacturer is ready to guarantee its product. When it comes to kitchen faucets, many brands are ready to offer a limited lifetime warranty. Some of them allow you to try the product for a certain amount of time, too.

    Warranties on kitchen fixtures should last at least several years. Make sure to avoid manufacturers that are not ready to offer a warranty on their products.

pull down kitchen faucet reviews

Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet Benefits

You are now familiar with the main features of pull-down kitchen faucets. But is that enough to convince you to purchase this fixture? In case you need some more convincing, we have a list of reasons why you should buy a pull-down kitchen faucet.

Why Purchase a Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet?

  • An extendable spout with a long reach – the main feature of these fixtures is the spout that you pull down and use to reach various corners of the sink. The reach might depend on a particular unit, but it is a far better option than having a fixed spout.
  • Impressive maneuverability – if you are using a fixed spray head, that makes cleaning the dishes tricky. That is especially true if you need to reach tricky spots of a particular pot or the sink itself.
  • More successful dishwashing – by achieving higher maneuverability, the actual dishwashing results will be better. You won’t risk having stains because you couldn’t reach tough spots.
  • Minimal splashing – a fixed spout means you need to move the pot that you are washing so that you can position the water flow to a particular spot. But with a pull-down mechanism, you can get the spout to any spot around the pot without moving it. Thanks to that, the splashing will be reduced to a minimum, which will help to keep the kitchen clean.
  • A long-lasting solution – pull-down faucets are extremely durable and long-lasting. The chances are they will be a long-term investment. Since they help to keep the kitchen clean, these faucets might also extend the longevity of the sink and the countertop.
  • Suitable for various kitchen styles – an extendable spout is a modern feature, which is why it fits well in contemporary kitchens. However, there is no reason why you wouldn’t use it with a classic design. When the pull-down mechanism is not active, it can look every bit as classy and timeless as any other faucet.

What Is the Difference Between a Pull-Down and a Pull-Out Faucet?

If you want the ultimate touch of modern technology, make sure to find the best touchless kitchen faucet. But if you don’t like your fixtures to have motion sensors, faucets with a pull-down or a pull-out mechanism are the right choice.

Now, a pull-out faucet is similar to a pull-down unit, but it comes with one important difference. Instead of pulling it down, you can pull it out and away from the faucet in a straight line.

pull down faucet vs pull out faucet

Yes, that brings exceptional maneuverability when washing the dishes. You can move the nozzle in any direction, which allows efficient dishwashing. Additionally, you can even use the pull-out spray head to fill a pot on your stove (providing it is long enough).
All that sounds great, but there is a major downside to this. A pull-out faucet is extremely prone to splashing. If you point it the wrong way, you can get the kitchen floor or wall wet in a second. And yes, you can also splash yourself.

That is why pull-down faucets are far more convenient. The risk of splashing is almost non-existent, which helps you and the rest of the kitchen stay dry during dishwashing. Additionally, the efficiency and maneuverability remain at an admirable level.

How to Install a Pull-Down Faucet

The installation cost of a kitchen faucet varies, but it might cost anywhere from $90 to $550. It is far more affordable to handle the installation yourself. Apart from the investment in the fixture itself, you will only need some minor parts for the setup.

Please consult the instructions before you start the installation process. You will learn what supplies you need, and confirm that you have the required skills to install the faucet. It helps if you know the basics of how a plumbing system works, but it’s not necessary if you follow our step by step guide carefully.

However, you will need to set aside enough time for the project. You might want to have at least 60 minutes to dedicate to the installation. Depending on your skills and the problems you encounter, the setup process might extend to three hours.

6 Steps to Safely Install a Pull-Down Faucet

If you are ready, here is a step by step guide on how to install a pull-down faucet.

  • Step 1: Taking Out the Old Faucet

    If you are replacing the faucet, the first thing to do is to remove the current system. Start by figuring out the position of the water valves. You should tighten them to the right to stop the water flow to the faucet.

    Now, test the faucet to confirm the water is not running. If the water still goes out of the spout, you might not have done something right. Check the valves and confirm that they are tightened. Be ready that they might not function well due to rust or other issues.
    If you still need to stop the water flow, head to the main valve, and stop the entire water supply. The process is simple as it also involves turning off the valve.

    Next, place a towel below the water lines in case there is any fluid left in the pipes. Once you do that, it is time to take the faucet out.

    You want to begin by loosening up the nuts that connect the faucet to the sink. Pay attention that the faucet is also connected to the pipes, and that is also where you need to detach it. For this part of the job, you will need a basin or adjustable wrench, depending on the specific installation in your home.

    The idea is to loosen up the connections to faucet has to other components to get it ready for removal. Once you are ready, take out the faucet.

  • Step 2: Detach the Water Lines

    You might be installing new water lines, too, but even if you are not, temporarily separating the valve and the line might be smart. You also do this by loosening the nut connecting them but be careful. Valves might be rusty, and using excessive force might break them.

    Don’t forget to note which line is for cold, and which for hot water. The basic setting is that blue is for cold water and red for hot.

  • Step 3: Time to Attach the New Faucet!

    How to Install a Pull Down Kitchen Faucet
    It is already time to position the new faucet. You want to start by taking a hose line and connecting the spray head to it by using a screw. You might also need to attach the temperature control handle, although it is already connected in some units.

    Now, it is time to position the sealing ring. Grab it and glide it over the supply line and the hose to get it into place at the faucet’s stem. If you need to hide any sinkholes, now is the time to place the escutcheon (deck plate). Now, make sure the hoses are secure and use the center hole at the basin to thread them.

    It might be tricky to position everything properly by yourself. Consider asking another household member to help you for a couple of minutes.

    You will need to go below the sink so that you can mount the faucet. Depending on the specific situation, it might be dark, so consider using a flashlight.

    Now, take the plastic washer (it has a triangle shape), and slide it over the hose. Place the fiber next, and continue placing the metal washers, and the circular nut. All these parts should be placed to the sink’s underside, but make sure to follow the mentioned order.
    It would be helpful if your assistant could hold the faucet from the top side so that you ensure it is in the ideal position.

    Now, connect the circular nut to the big threads on the stem. Make sure to use the basic wrench because tightening the seal is important. The final move in this step is to use the screws you received to clamp the nut to the plastic washer.

  • Step 4: Attach the Water Lines Again

    If you want, you can install new water lines, or reconnect existing ones. Either way, you want to connect both cold and hot lines to the corresponding valves.

    Check out the spray hose, and identify the end that you still haven’t connected to another component. You want to screw it into the remaining faucet line.

    Use a wrench to tighten all the nuts that connect the valve and the supply line so that you avoid any mishaps.

  • Step 5: Adjust the Weight of the Hose

    You will notice that your pull-down faucet has a weight somewhere in the middle of the hose. The purpose of this weight is to return the faucet to its original position, as well as to limit how far you can pull the hose.

    It is important to adjust the weight properly. You might want to check the instructions, but the general recommendation is to set it 15 inches from the fixture’s bottom on the spray hose. It might be wise to use a tape measure for the direct position.

    Make sure to test whether the spout works correctly. If everything works well, you can proceed to the next step.
    Alternatively, check if you have the weight and the right distance. Also, don’t let it rest on the cabinet base.

  • Step 6: Finishing the Installation

    It is time to turn on the valves again and test your faucet. Make sure to analyze the lines carefully to discover potential drips. If there is any dripping, the most common issue is that you haven’t tightened the nuts properly.

    Now, grab the spray head and unscrew the aerator. Once you do that, let the water run through the pipes and spout. The chances are that debris piled up during the setup process, and this is the way to flush out any debris.

    Otherwise, it might get stuck in the mesh filter and affect water pressure. You also want to check our faucet water filter reviews to ensure that your filtration is optimal, especially if the water is your area is hard.

    Once you confirm optimal water flow, turn off the water, and reconnect the aerator to complete the installation.

FAQs & Answers

Q: How to clean a pull-down faucet?

A: The cleaning process varies from one unit to another, which is why you want to consider the instructions for your particular product. You should avoid using aggressive cleaners and solutions.
However, you can’t go wrong with dish soap and warm water. Wipe the faucet dry before using the mentioned mixture to remove any grime. If you still see buildup on your faucet, consult the manual to find a suitable cleaning solution to use.

Q: What is the average lifespan of a pull-down faucet?

A: The experts estimate the lifespan of a pull-down faucet at 15 to 20 years. However, please note that the actual longevity will depend on multiple factors. Those include the quality of the materials used to design the faucet, but also water hardness and regular maintenance. During the estimated time, you will probably need to handle several small repairs.

Q: Do I need a deck plate for my faucet?

A: A deck plate or escutcheon serves to hide the holes in your kitchen sink from being visible. You will need at least one hole in your sink to mount everything properly. The task of escutcheons is to ensure that the hole isn’t visible at all.

Read on to find more details on choosing a commercial kitchen faucet!

Best Pull-Down Kitchen Faucets Comparison Chart

Kohler K-99259-VS Artifacts Single-Hole Kitchen Sink Faucet$$$$1.8Vibrant StainlessLifetime Limited1
Kraus KPF-2631SFS Oletto Kitchen Faucet$$$1.75Stainless SteelLifetime Limited1
Moen 7594C Arbor One-Handle Pulldown Kitchen Faucet$$$1.5ChromeLifetime Limited1-3
Delta Faucet Leland Single-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet$$1.8Arctic StainlessLifetime Limited1-3
APPASO Pull Down Kitchen Faucet$1.8Brushed Nickel5 Years1
Arofa A01LY Kitchen Faucet Pull Down$2.2Brushed Nickel5 Years1-3

Wrap Up

Durability, reliability, and functionality are three things that can help you to choose the best pull down kitchen faucet on the market. Fortunately, many brands ensure that their fixtures maximize user convenience.

That is why you can focus on other features, including the aesthetic factors like the faucet’s arch and finish. You don’t want to miss a single detail because the product is a long-term investment and can serve you for up to two decades.

Our pull-down kitchen faucet reviews offer a detailed look at the advantages and drawbacks of top-rated fixtures currently available on the market. Now that you have the knowledge from our buying guide go ahead and pick a fixture that fits your preferences.

It is important not to rush your decision because you want the perfect faucet for your kitchen. Once you install everything, you will enjoy using the fixture. And anyone who visits your home will be dazzled with how beautiful your faucet looks!