Forious Motion Infrared Sensor Review – Touchless Kitchen Faucet

Are you tired of investing in mediocre and poor quality faucets? Does your current faucet leak even after numerous attempts of repair? Does it fail to match your kitchen’s design? Or are you simply trying to upgrade to something better, sturdier, and more reliable for your everyday tasks? If you’re finding it challenging to purchase the right kitchen sink faucet that matches your budget as well as your needs, then we have an excellent choice for you.

You can try your luck with the Forious Touchless Kitchen Faucet. Forious is a credible and renowned company with a history of serving the needs of the plumbing industry. Their touchless faucets with pulldown functions are handy for both chefs in restaurant kitchens as well as domestic users.

Here are some reasons why we feel the Forious Touchless Faucet is so widely acclaimed.


Foruous Sensor Touchless Kitchen Sink Faucet with Sprayer

  1. Patented Control Box

    One of our favorite features of the Forious Kitchen Faucet is its patented control box. If you prefer the touchless mechanism, you can activate it with the help of a knob. However, if you’re more comfortable with the good old lever functioning faucets, you can switch to that setting as well!

  2. Gives You Full Control

    This faucet from Forious has first-class motion sense technology. It swiftly activates the water flow by detecting motion using infrared waves. You can activate it from anywhere in the vicinity, which makes this faucet really useful for large and bustling kitchens.

    The spray head is a pulldown and automatically releases water when you pull it from the sprout. The braided hose is highly flexible and can rotate at 360° with maximum stretch without getting tangled or coiled. It’s designed to avoid leakage even after prolonged use.

  3. Dual Function Spray Head

    Just like every versatile faucet, the Forious Kitchen Faucet also enables two different water flow patterns. If you are doing the dishes, washing vegetables, or just doing routine kitchen chores, you can use the streamlined flow option, which is gentle.

    For a more powerful flow and reach, you can switch to the aerated spray. This setting is especially useful on days when you are planning to clean the entire countertop, including all the stubborn spots and stains.

  4. No Rust

    The Forious Kitchen Faucet is made up of premium quality copper with a brushed nickel finish. This prevents rusting or corrosion and also ensures that the water quality is not compromised. The brushed nickel finish keeps away untidy stains caused by water splashes or fingerprints.

  5. Easy to Install

    Foruous Sensor Kitchen Sink Faucet ReviewThis faucet is also easy to install. You can mount it on one or three holes on a deck plate. The screw-in faucet is fastened from under the sink. The complete process of assembling, attaching and securing takes a total of around ten minutes. It is easy enough for you to do it on your own.

    However, if you’re facing trouble with the instructions or feel like something’s off, you can get in touch with Forious’s customer support. They’ll send a one-on-one company representative to help you out with the procedure.

  6. Lifetime Warranty

    To top off all the satisfying features, this touchless pulldown kitchen sink faucet from Forious is backed by a lifetime warranty provided by the manufacturer. This means that if you ever face any issue regarding the performance of the faucet, you can contact the customer services department to get help.

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  1. The Hose is Short

    Despite all of its admirable features, the hose lacks in one crucial area. Its length is shorter than that of other faucets you may find. However, this isn’t too much of a problem. If you want full access to every part of your kitchen, we recommend you increase the faucet’s pressure and angle it sharply to reach your desired spot.

  2. No Batteries Included

    This Forious faucet doesn’t include any batteries. The motion sensor, however, does require four AA alkaline batteries. This isn’t a huge investment, considering the price of the faucet itself. You can purchase batteries even from a generic brand with an average price, and they’ll last you for a year or two.


In a nutshell, the Forious Touchless Kitchen Faucet is a good option to consider for your next kitchen remodeling project. Not only is it pocket-friendly, but it’s also easy to use with its dual usage system and simple installation process.