Moen 7594C Arbor Review – One-Handle Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

Kitchen sink faucets are a lot more user-friendly than they previously used to be. You can easily find a versatile faucet with a pulldown hose in the market for different prices and variable features.

However, faucets that are easy to use and innovative at the same time are a bit difficult to find. If you’re looking for something versatile and reliable, you can rely on popular companies like Moen to deliver their best in each model. The Moen 7594C Arbor One-Handle Pull down Kitchen Faucet is one of their widely acclaimed products and has a lot of happy customers.

Here are some reasons why the Moen 7594C Faucet is so popular!


Moen Arbor One Handle Pull down Kitchen Faucet Featuring Power Boost

  1. Innovative Design

    This faucet from Moen has been manufactured to suit all sorts of countertop designs. Whether you have one hole or three, with the Duralock Quick Connect Installation System, you can easily attach the Arbor Kitchen Faucet within a few minutes and with zero difficulties.

    The hose is 68 inches long and is built with Reflex technology so that it can flex, pivot, and stretch in all directions without getting tangled or leaked. It’s also retractable and can safely be placed inside the faucet. Its MotionSense technology gives you a whole new cleaning experience with full convenience and control.

  2. Varying Colors

    Another reason that makes the Arbor Kitchen Faucet worth your investment is the variety of colors that it comes with. While most kitchen faucets are only available in one or two color variations, Moen has produced this model in four different colors! You can choose from chrome, stainless steel, matte black, and oil-rubbed bronze.

    Whatever your kitchen interior, you’re sure to find a suitable sink faucet from your countertop. The colors are vibrant with a professional finish and go well with the design of the faucet itself.

  3. Boost Stream Technology

    The Moen One-Handle Kitchen Faucet comes with a single lever that helps to adjust the pressure at different levels. Whether you want a gentle flow or a powerful stream, you can fix the level to suit your purpose.

    You can also activate an extremely powerful flow of water using the Boost button situated at the opposite side of the lever. This is extremely useful when you want to scrub away stubborn spots on your countertop or your dishes.

  4. Lifetime Warranty

    A bonus with all the fascinating features is the Arbor Kitchen Faucet’s lifetime warranty. Although the product is relatively stable and will last long, you can avail the warranty to get help with leakage or dripping issues if you ever face them!

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Moen Arbor One Handle Kitchen Faucet Review


  1. Expensive

    As compared to most other products and models available in the market, the Moen 7594C Pulldown Kitchen Faucet is a bit more expensive. While you’re planning a budget for your kitchen remodeling, you may feel doubtful about the price tag for just one faucet.

    However, the product is still a worthy investment. That’s because this faucet is pretty versatile and will last you way longer than other cheaper faucets. The material is also of high-quality and makes the faucet sturdy and reliable.

  2. Placement of Control Handle

    The Moen faucet is built quite well. However, the control handle is on the right side of the faucet. For right-handed people, who hold dishes in their right hand while washing up, It may be a bit annoying to reach for the faucet with their left hand. However, this minor inconvenience goes away after you use the faucet a few times and your motor senses get used to the placement!

  3. Hindering Water Flow

    The streamlined flow of water from this faucet sometimes gets turbulent. This problem arises due to the plastic water restrictor fitted inside the faucet. If you feel that the flow or pressure is uneven, you can remove the restrictor to relieve the smooth flow from the spray head of the faucet.



If you consider all the pros and cons of the Moen 7594C Arbor One-Handle Pulldown Kitchen Faucet, you can be sure that you’ll benefit significantly from this purchase. Moen is a renowned, reliable, and trusted company and has always delivered the best of service, features, and material quality. The 7594C Arbor Faucet will complement your kitchen interior and will stay useful for a long time!